The Zaria Story

The Zaria story is, at its heart, a tale of true love.
It began in 2004, when Kiwi winemaker Bryce Edmonds met a Czech beauty named Alena. The pair embarked on a cross-the-globe relationship that took them to many of the world’s great wine regions — New Zealand, Austria, Spain, and France among them — and after seven years, Bryce set out to craft a gift worthy of the woman of his dreams.

The gift struck a chord. A few weeks later, when Bryce proposed at Napier’s acclaimed Pacifica Restaurant, Alena said yes. They married at the spectacular Valtice Castle in the Czech Republic, honeymooned amongst the wineries of Portugal, and now live on Bryce’s family vineyard in Hawke’s Bay, where they raise their daughters Jasmin and Natalie.

After the success of his first vintage, Bryce decided to share his brand with the wider world — and under his stewardship, Zaria wines have become synonymous with grace, elegance, and focus. Using fruit lovingly grown on Lesley’s Vineyard (named after his late mother), Bryce practices minimal intervention to coax nuance and balance out of the land, ultimately bringing to life creations worthy of the goddess they honour and the woman they’re an ode to.

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The Winemaker

The Vineyard

Bryce’s mother Lesley died in 1995 at age 49, leaving behind a dream she’d long shared with her husband: to establish a vineyard here in New Zealand. A few years after her passing, Bryce’s father decided to honour Lesley’s legacy by bringing that dream, quite literally, to fruition.

After purchasing land in Hawke’s Bay’s esteemed Bridge Pa Triangle subregion, he and his three sons planted Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot, and Sémillon — and Lesley’s Vineyard, the enduring heart and soul of Zaria, was born.

Today, under Bryce’s guidance and minimal-intervention winemaking philosophy, Lesley’s Vineyard produces the majority of grapes for Zaria wines.


“It's vibrant and refreshing on the palate, offering terrific fruit intensity backed by bright acidity, making it instantly appealing.”
- Malbec Rosé 2020, Wine Orbit 2020

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“It is equally impressive on the palate with excellent weight and intensity, gorgeously complemented by succulent fruit flavours and creamy mouthfeel.“
- Chardonnay 2018, Wine Orbit 2019

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